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Boutique floor heating pipe

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  Product features:
  1. All adopt imported raw materials, materials do not add any recycling material or packing, quality and reliable.
  2. Already through national authoritative testing institutions of conventional detection, 8760 testing machine health, guarantee the life span of 50 years of security and can be used as a feed pipe.
  3. Adopt world-class high-speed production lines, product quality high stability.
  4. According to the customer request, can scale processing, to provide convenient for construction, for customers to save money.
  5. Advanced quality control system, industry leading level 3 test system.
  6. Strong production capacity, daily output up to 300000 meters, effectively meet the demand of batch.
  7. Color decoration pipe, make you more beautiful home decoration.
  8. The product comes with a certificate of approval, the product quality can also be through certification.
  Areas of application:
  Ground heating system, heat radiator heating system, used in construction, hot and cold water supply piping drinking water system, domestic water heater pipe and all kinds of connecting pipe, beverage, wine, etc in the food industry of fluid pipeline, refrigeration and water treatment systems, other industrial pipe.