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PPR pipe

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   Product features:
  1, 100% PPR pipe use special materials, no filling material blending, as a true all plastic PPR pipe.
  2, the national testing center of chemical building materials test of the whole, the normal installation can be long-term use of 50 years.
  3, configuration, PPR dedicated production lines, automatic control system, the production quality is stable.
  4, complete product varieties, from 20-160 gb from S2.5 - S5 series can be bulk supply.
  5, pipe fittings series USES S2.5 level, the use of high security, embedded with stamping brass, copper can be use for a long time.
  6, health, environmental protection, can fully meet the food hygiene standards.
  7, heat resistance, heat preservation performance is good, can use for a long time under 70 ℃, instantaneous temperature of 95 ℃, can completely satisfy the use requirement of building heating water.
  8, installation, connection is simple and reliable, pipes, pipe fittings with the same kind of model material, ensure good hot melt welding performance is good, high system security.
  PPR product scope of application:
  Residential hot and cold water piping system, industrial water and chemical transport, discharge, water pipes, drug delivery system, compressed air pipe and other industrial and agricultural use.