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Xing Quan pipe industry national dealer conference highlights

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In January 11, 2016, Xingquan pipe industry national Dealers Association held in Shijiazhuang Top Class Hotel, Hilton Hotel! xingquan people from around the country gathered here yesterday to discuss plans for next year so brilliant! In recognition of the company last year made outstanding achievements friends with prizes, with a surprise award inspired energetic family this year! The meeting was a complete success in a warm, warm, festive atmosphere, hope!

Xing Quan family sign pictures!

Shijiazhuang Xing Quan tube industry limited company chairman Mr. Li Zhimin to address the meeting!
Companies with prizes in recognition of outstanding dealers!

Excellent dealer representatives!
Deputy Secretary General of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China plastic pipe professional committee of the secretary general, senior engineer Mr. Wang Zhanjie for the general assembly to do a wonderful speech. Through the analysis of the development trend of industry and industry of new business opportunities, for participants in the coming year business development provides important guidelines.

Shijiazhuang xingquan pipe industry Co., Ltd. consultant, Hebei Normal University School of Journalism and communication, advertising department director, graduate tutor Professor Song Weishan "nova spring new dream speech subject for guests, the star of spring in the brand construction analysis and planning for everyone in play on the way to the xingquan brand pointed out the direction, so that we firmly follow the pace of development of the xingquan!

Hit the golden eggs, won awards! Welcome the golden monkey bursting with happiness! Monkey year fortune!

A ceremony! Companies invest huge efforts dealers equipped with delivery truck, the full support of everyone to carry out sales distribution network services, we have said that with support of the company so much efforts, will go all out to do a good job in the market, to enhance the visibility and influence of the xingquan!

Wonderful program, colorful presentation! Xing Quan family together! Let us join hands together! 2016, create brilliant!