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how about shijiazhuangxingquan?

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People often say: "OK, try to know". I believe it would work in all walks of life.
Shijiazhuang xingquan pipe industry from 2008 the establishment of the company to, from the beginning, just do PPR pipe, slowly extends to the PPR pipe, and then extended to the PERT to warm and other accessories, 2015 comprehensive on-line PVC pipe, which for Shijiazhuang Xing Quan pipe industry is a philosophy of leap, is a qualitative leap. The company from the management of customer service service more and more attention to this one, believe that "customer service is more important than the pre-sale principle, more and more attention to the after-sale service. But for dealers, more choices, more convenient, also will be more and more popular by the dealer.
In 2016 for the xingquan tube industry, is a dream set sail again a year.
2016, hello!
2016, refueling!