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Notice about to crack down on fake xingquan products

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Dear xingquan dealers, users friends:
A: hello!
Thank you for your years of xingquan brand recognition and promotion, to the star. Spring pipe support and love!In an increasingly competitive market circumstances, our star springs have been adhering to the "good faith integrity, pragmatic and enterprising, responsibility, dedication," the core values of not be moved;"In a higher price to the customer to provide products and services, proud of service in each community, the family" as our lifelong mission.In view of this, in spring and the majority of dealers and users friends, under the joint efforts of xingquan achieved a very high market share and brand influence."Xingquan" trademark in December 2013, also won the hebei province administration of industry and commerce recognized as famous brand in hebei province, in May 2014 to declare the hebei famous brand product, product awareness rising, xingquan products cover over 60% of the above county in hebei province.
But as xingquan product sell well in the market gradually, a few illegal businessmen began using xingquan product publicity and sale of counterfeit goods for profiteering.Recently, the company gradually discovered the fake xingquan brand in the market of PE - RT floor heating and pp-r water supply pipe, as well as in places such as shandong linyi counterfeiting production place, and some manufacturers imitate xingquan robot logo real ones, the goods are inferior in materials, sizes to cut corners, production management confusion, poor product quality.This kind of illegal behavior not only harm the user property rights, life quality leave a huge hidden trouble, and severely infringing on lawful rights and interests, we give our caused great losses.For this company has already set up the anti-counterfeit office, and have given the above situation feedback to shijiazhuang city industrial and commercial bureau and shijiazhuang city technical supervision bureau, and by our legal counsel famous lawyers Li Chuang hebei sanhe era, to found the suspected counterfeits market, dealers and the construction site, etc., suspected of counterfeiting in linyi in shandong province and other places, and have to imitate xingquan robot logo infringement of our trademark manufacturers, has began to organize personnel to investigate, to found a counterfeit goods infringing ACTS, we will take the following measures:
1, our lawyers will unite in shijiazhuang, and illegal home two industrial and commercial bureau, bureau of technical supervision, public security bureau for the production and sale of counterfeit goods tort is investigated;
2, for the production and sale of counterfeit goods a series of related illegal behavior will ultimately find out counterfeiting, counterfeits unit, used to, punch, merciless, don't pass a sale of counterfeit goods and intentional use fake person!
3, for the use of fake xingquan product project, we will inform party a must to dismantle and reinstall the counterfeit products, all the sale units will be responsible for the damage;
4 units, we will in the production and sale of counterfeit goods infringement lawsuit, shijiazhuang and illegal local public security bureau carried out on the sale of counterfeit goods unit criminal penalties.According to chapter 3 section 1 of article one hundred and forty of criminal law, the public security department to the production and sale of counterfeit goods responsible according to sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 2 years to 7 years in sales (sales of more than 500000 and seven years shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less);
5, we will urge the shijiazhuang and location of illegal infringement of two industrial and commercial bureau, bureau of technical supervision of the production and sale of counterfeit goods unit for severe punishment.According to relevant regulations, industrial and commercial bureau, bureau of technical supervision for the production and sale of counterfeit goods unit sales amount 2 times the fines imposed;
6, we will in accordance with the requirements of counterfeit goods and compensation for infringement unit division I all kinds of economic loss, loss of reputation, etc., make the production and sale of counterfeit goods tort responsibility to accept heavy teaching, proper price!
Company with independent recognition system in a product, if you found a counterfeit or suspected xingquan product, please return the sample after DaJiaBan or dial 4006002168 and cable company telephone, once the investigation is true, we will give the 10000-50000 yuan reward.I hope you can understand and continue to support the star spring pipe, tube xingquan industry also will, as always, with high quality products and quality service reciprocate your love.
If you have for investigation and bring you inconvenience locations.
Best wishes
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